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Copper Internal Transformer Connectors

Internal Transformer Connectors, Stud Connectors Custom Manufactured to Your Specifications

Mox Enterprises prides itself on manufacturing quality internal transformer stud connectors for the power distribution industry. We set ourselves apart by machining an internal transformer connector that is pure cast copper, manufactured precisely to your specifications. That pure cast copper gives our customers continuity from the coil of the transformer all the way through the pure copper bushing. Our focus on pure cast copper connectors are machined to a smooth finish on both sides, allowing for maximum connectivity, leading to better transformer efficiency.

We are experts in adapting to your needs quickly by making it a point to purchase locally sourced materials. This also gives us a higher level of control over the quality of the materials that we use. Contact us to produce a superior product for your substation power distribution transformers today.

100% Pure Cast Copper For Ultimate Conductivity

Double Sided Finishing

Manufactured To Precise Specifications

Made From Locally Sourced Materials

In Need Of New Connectors?